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Summary of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Poland

Poland is a low prevalence country, with stable epidemiological situation. Since the beginning of the epidemic until present there have been about 19 thousand HIV infections detected in Poland. The number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the country is estimated 30-35 thousand. Each year approximately one thousand new HIV cases are reported.
In recent years there has been an increase in the number of infections in MSM population.


HIV/AIDS in Poland from the beginning of the epidemic in 1985 to the 31 of August 2016
people living with HIV   20 756

infections due to IDU   6 187
infections through homosexual contact   2 889
infections due to heterosexual contact   1 512

AIDS cases   3 408
deaths due to AIDS   1 348
Data from NIZP – PZH reports www.pzh.gov.pl

On July, 2016, about 9149 patients were receiving ARV therapy (113 children).

Unified and integrated ARV treatment in all Polish regions has been developed and financed since 2001, within the framework of the health policy program of the Ministry of Health called “Antiretroviral treatment of people living with HIV in Poland”. (data from National AIDS Centre)


added: 13.06.2016

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